NTE sport is an organisation based in the north east which provides clubs, organisations, and individuals with the essential psychological, emotional skills needed to improve performance and life. We have a number of trainers and consultants across the UK who are ready to assist. We have also provided our services to individuals as far as Russia via online communication. We are here to support and assist existing training methods and priciatices to ensure the peak environment is obtained

Current sport psychology, focuses sigificantly on the surface issues, and often neglects the source of developmental triggers. Doing so may lead to further issues later in careers and development. We take Sport psychology and magnify it’s long term effect by identifying and address development and more unconscious workings; working more in prevention and improvement, that cure. As most professional sides have some form of psychological input we are focused on providing the same services (but more in-depth) to amateur, semi pro all the way to elite groups. With our focus on developing the younger athlete ealry in their journey we hope to provide a strong foundation to further develop sound ability and improved autonomy in life. We also provide further support

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